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What is Lip Lift?

As many poets and writers have stated in history, the lip has a great importance in the aesthetic appearance and attractiveness of our face today. The lip even has a mythological meaning: the Eros Arc in mythology resembles the folds of the upper lip.

Today, lips that look fuller and compatible with the face enable women to have a more attractive and sexy appearance. Different fillings can be applied to make the lips fuller. You can have more information about fillers from our Botox and filler pages. The lip lift method with aesthetic surgery is used to shorten the distance between the nose and lips, creating a more defined lip border and fuller-looking lips.

Why is Lip Lift done?

The lip lift method makes the lip more prominent, fuller and more proportional to the face.

The ideal size in the facial features varies according to the size of the face and the proportion of the facial features. But in general, the ideal distance between the nose and the lip is considered to be between 12-15 millimeters. The faces of women who have a face more than this distance appear older or masculine. This distance increases with age. By pulling the upper lip up, the distance between the lip and the nose is shortened. Thus, the lip is at a more proportional distance on the face and looks more aesthetically correct.

By pulling the upper lip up, the visible area of ​​the pinkish tissue called vermillon of the lip increases and the patient has an aesthetically fuller lip appearance. In addition, when the patient’s upper lip is pulled up, more tooth appearance appears and the patient has a healthier and more aesthetic smile.

In addition, after some nose surgeries, the distance between the lip and the nose becomes longer. To correct this, lip lift operation can be performed.

Who are the Candidates for Lip Lift Surgery?

The lip lift method is ideal for patients with a congenital disproportionate lip-nose distance. In addition, this method is a widely used surgical method for patients with congenital thin lips.

Lip lift method can be preferred because it is more permanent than lip augmentation. The filling method is an easier but less permanent method. Fillings need to be renewed at certain intervals. For this reason, the lip lift method creates an alternative to filling.

Preoperative Examination

Patient candidates who are considering Lip Lift surgery should first seek the opinion of a specialist plastic surgeon. As Soyep, we observe the following issues regarding the patient during the examination:

  • The realism of the patient’s expectations about the surgery
  • The patient’s mental health
  • The patient’s medical history and diseases, if any
  • If the patient has allergies
  • Medicines used by the patient
  • The patient’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, if any

As a result of the examination, our doctors decide whether the patient needs surgery after diagnosing these issues and, if necessary, what kind of operation will be performed.

Operational Information

Lip lift operation is performed by making an incision just below the nose, at the point where it joins the lip. After the operation, there are scars in this area under the nose. Over time, these traces become very vague.


Since lip lift surgery is a surgical procedure, swelling occurs on the lips after the procedure. This swelling usually takes about 1 week to go down. Compressing ice to reduce this swelling helps the swelling go down. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for the swelling to go away completely.

Operation Process Overview

Operation time Approximately 2 hour
Length of Stay in Hospital No hospitalization
Type of Anesthesia Local
Recovery Time 7 -10 days
Hospital Acıbadem International Hospital
Result Time 3 month
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