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Thread facelift (Non-surgical face lift) method is a non-surgical aesthetic operation that provides stretching of the skin with flexible and awned special threads. Due to the fact that it is a practical and non-surgical method, it has become very popular recently compared to classical facelift methods.


Why is it done?

With aging, the decrease in collagen in the skin causes loss of elasticity. This causes wrinkles and sagging on the skin. These wrinkles and sagging, especially on the cheeks, eyebrows and around the eyes, neck, jowl and chin, create a tired, old and unhappy expression on the face.

With the thread facelift (non-surgical face lift) method, the skin in the face and neck-ticklet area is stretched by hanging with special threads. Within a few weeks, the production of collagen in the applied area of ​​the skin is triggered, reducing wrinkles. It also provides elasticity to the skin and reduces sagging.

Who are the Candidates for Threaded Face Lifts (Non-Surgical Face Lift)?

Thread facelift (Non-surgical face lift) method is applied to patients aged 30-65 years who do not have excessive sagging on the skin. The rope suspension method can be applied if the patients have the following complaints:

  • Individuals with sagging cheeks
  • Individuals with sagging eyebrows
  • Individuals with sagging chin
  • Individuals with sagging around the lip
  • Individuals with sagging neck and tickle

Operational Information:

After talking with the patient, it is determined which areas to apply the rope suspension method. After local anesthesia, flexible and awned special threads are placed under the skin with special needles.

The duration of the operation varies between 30-60 minutes.

After Aesthetic Operation:

Since the rope suspension method is a non-surgical method, the healing process is also very comfortable. Mild redness, swelling and bruising may occur after the procedure. These symptoms will go away in a few days. After the procedure, the patient can return to his daily routine immediately.



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