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What is Face & Neck Lift?

Face & neck lift is a surgical operation that aims to make the skin at the face and neck look younger by stretching the aging and sagging skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscle tissues which has lost elasticity over time.

Why is Face & Neck Lift Done?

With advancing age, a small amount of bone thinning occurs in the facial bones. This thinning loosens the soft tissue surrounding the bones, weakens the collagen tissue and causes relaxation, depression, sagging and wrinkles on the skin. External factors such as stress and sun also accelerate this process. With face and neck lift surgery, the patient has a tighter and more vivid appearance on the facial skin and neck.

Who are the Candidates for Face and Neck Lift Surgery?

Face and neck lift surgery is ideal for patients who want to reduce wrinkles, sagging and depressions that occur mostly in the lower part of the face, such as wrinkles around the lips and nose, collapse that occur on the cheeks and in the chin due to age, and who want to have a tighter and more vibrant skin.
Patient candidates should not forget that face and neck lift operations have a limited effect over wrinkles, sagging and collapse that occur on the forehead, temple and under the eyes. For these areas, operations such as forehead – temple stretching and eyebrow lifting and under-eye bag removal are also performed. These procedures can also be performed during the face and neck lift operation.

Preoperative Examination

Patient candidates who are considering having a Face and Neck Lift surgery should first seek the opinion of a specialist plastic surgeon. As Soyep, we observe the following issues regarding the patient during the examination:

  • The realism of the patient’s expectations about the surgery
  • The patient’s mental health
  • The patient’s medical history and diseases, if any
  • If the patient has allergies
  • Medicines used by the patient
  • The patient’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, if any


As a result of the examination, our doctors decide whether the patient needs surgery after diagnosing these issues and, if necessary, what kind of operation will be performed.

3 weeks before the operation, the patient should stop smoking, should not use aspirin and his blood pressure should be stable.

Operational Information

In the facelift procedure, the operation is started by making an incision behind the ear, in front of the ear and through the scalp. By  stretching and lifting the skin, the area is tense. Excess accumulated fat is also removed from the neck and sagging muscle structure is recovered.


After the operation, there is slight swelling on the face and a slight bruise on the neck. These swelling and bruises will be greatly reduced within 1 week.

Smoking during the recovery period after the operation blocks the capillaries that feed the skin and negatively affects the healing process. Therefore, smoking should not be smoked during the healing process.

It is beneficial to rest at home for about 3 days after the operation. All stitches are removed within 1 week and you can return to your life routine to a large extent. You can start exercising after 3 weeks.

Operation Process Overview

Operation time 4 hour
Length of Stay in Hospital 1 night
Type of Anesthesia General
Recovery Time 7 -10 days
Hospital Acıbadem International Hospital
Result Time Between 1-3 months
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