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What is Ear Aesthetics -Otoplasty?

Otoplasty (ear aesthetics) is a plastic surgery operation that changes the shape, size and position of the ear. This operation is also called prominent ear surgery with its more common usage.


Why is Ear Aesthetics -Otoplasty Done?

For many people, the auricle and scalp may be too separated. If the angle between the auricle and the scalp is more than 25 degrees, it usually does not create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. With its more common use, the “prominent ear” appearance occurs. With otoplasty, the separation of the ears from the scalp is reduced and a more aesthetic appearance is given.

Some people may have large auricle compared to the head. These people may also have an unusually large angle between their auricle and scalp. These cases form non- aesthetic appearances on these people.

In addition, a birth wound or an accidental wound or deformation can be corrected with otoplasty (ear aesthetics) surgery.

People with such large auricle, prominent ear position or deformed auricle may be teased by other people, especially at school age. This can lead to psychological problems and traumas. This situation can be corrected with otoplasty.


Who are the Candidates for Otoplasty Surgery?

  • If the auricle is too separate from the scalp, if the “prominent ear” is complained in common usage
  • If the auricle is too large compared to the head
  • If there is a congenital or accidental deformation or scar in the ear
  • If an undesirable result was obtained after a bad or wrong operation

Otoplasty surgery can be applied to individuals over the age of 5 years.

Preoperative Examination

Patient candidates who are considering otoplasty (ear aesthetics) surgery should first seek the opinion of a specialist plastic surgeon. As Soyep, we observe the following issues regarding the patient during the examination:

  • The realism of the patient’s expectations about the surgery
  • The patient’s mental health
  • The patient’s medical history and diseases, if any
  • If the patient has allergies
  • Medicines used by the patient
  • The patient’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, if any
  • The patient candidate should quit smoking, alcohol and blood thinners such as aspirin at least 15 days before the operation.

As a result of the examination, our doctors decide whether the patient needs surgery after diagnosing these issues and, if necessary, what kind of operation will be performed.

Operational Information

In otoplasty (ear aesthetics) surgery, an incision is made either behind the ear or from the folds at the front of the ear, depending on the desired correction. Excess cartilage and skin tissue in the ear is removed, the ear is fixed in the correct position and fixed with stitches.

In operations performed behind the ear, a very indistinct scar may remain. However, since it is behind the ear, it does not disturb the patient as an image.

After the Operation

After the surgery, the ears are wrapped with bandages for fixation and protection. There may be mild pain and itching. In this case, the pain reliever recommended by the doctor can be used.

The bandages of the patients are removed within 1 week and they return to their routine life.

Operation Process Overview

Operation time 1-2 hours
Length of Stay in Hospital No hospitalization
Type of Anesthesia General
Recovery Time 1 week
Hospital Acıbadem International Hospital
Result Time 2 weeks
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