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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery operation that removes excess age, tissue and skin from the breast area. This operation, also known as Reduction Mammoplasty in medicine, can be applied for both aesthetic and health purposes in women.

Why is Breast Reduction Done?

Some women have a congenital large breast structure. Although having large breasts generally seems to be an aesthetically pleasing feature for women, breast sizes that are too large compared to the body create an aesthetically unattractive appearance. This disproportion in women can cause psychological problems.

In addition, women with large breast sizes have back, neck pain and humpback due to sagging breasts. In addition, large breasts can create obstacles and create difficulties in exercise or physical activity. It can cause friction between the breast skin and the skin at the upper part of the stomach and may cause redness or rash.

Breast reduction surgery can be applied to eliminate such physical or psychological problems.


Who are the Patient Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on women who have larger breasts compared to the body, have sagging due to their breast size and are uncomfortable with this appearance.

Women who have neck and back pain, redness or rash due to friction under the breast skin are also suitable for breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is recommended for individuals who have completed the age of 20 and have completed their body development.


Preoperative Examination

Patient candidates who are considering breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) surgery should first seek the opinion of a specialist plastic surgeon. As Soyep, we observe the following issues regarding the patient during the examination:


  • The realism of the patient’s expectations about the surgery
  • The patient’s mental health
  • The patient’s medical history and diseases, if any
  • If the patient has allergies
  • Medicines used by the patient
  • The patient’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, if any
  • The patient candidate should quit smoking, alcohol and blood thinners such as aspirin before the operation.

As a result of the examination, our doctors decide whether the patient needs surgery after diagnosing these issues and, if necessary, what kind of operation will be performed.

Information About the Operation

Breast reduction operation is performed with lollipop incision or Reverse T incision method. This method is determined by considering parameters such as breast size, nipple position, breast tissue and skin structure.

The operation starts by making an incision in the lower part of the brown part at the tip of the breast called the areola. The surgeon who starts the operation from this area removes the excess breast tissue, fat tissue and skin. Then the position of the breast and nipple is corrected.



There may be mild pain, swelling and numbness after the operation. These disappear in a short time.

Bra-like bandages are wrapped around the breast. A drain is placed on the breasts and remains for 1-3 days. Stitches are removed in 7-10 days. The patient wears a sports bra for 6 weeks.

After the breast reduction operation, a scar appears on the lower part of the breast. The size and visibility of this scar can be greatly reduced depending on the technique used and the expertise of the surgeon.

Operation Process Overview

Operation time Between 2-4 hours
Length of Stay in Hospital 1-3 days
Type of Anesthesia General
Recovery Time 10 day
Hospital Acıbadem International Hospital
Result Time Between 3-12 months
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