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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical operation that enlarges the breast volume by placing breast implants under the breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery, which is very popular among women in the world and in our country, is also known as “silicone surgery” or “silicone implantation” among people. Until today, within Soyep, Thousands of successful breast augmentation operations have been performed under Dr. Nuri’s supervision.


Why is Breast Augmentation Done?

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, can be applied to many people for many reasons:

  • Women who are not satisfied with their breast size
    Inequality in breast sizes
  • Those who have sagging breasts with postpartum breastfeeding
  • Those who have sagging breasts after serious weight loss
  • Those who have sagging breasts with advancing age
  • Women with underdeveloped breast structure due to chest wall anomaly
  • Those who want to have breast augmentation due to breast removal after cancer surgery.

To have more detailed information on this subject, you can visit the post-cancer Breast Repair (Breast Reconstruction) section.

These and similar reasons cause psychological problems in women. Breast augmentation surgery helps women overcome these psychological problems by increasing their self-confidence.

Who are the Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery?


Candidates for breast augmentation are women who complain about their breast size or sagging breasts. In addition, patients who need breast reconstruction for health reasons such as breast removal after cancer are also candidates for breast augmentation. Such situations damage the self-confidence of women and cause psychological problems. Adults over the age of 18 can have breast augmentation surgery.


Preoperative Examination

Patient candidates who are considering breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) surgery should first seek the opinion of a specialist plastic surgeon. As Soyep, we observe the following issues regarding the patient during the examination:

  • The realism of the patient’s expectations about the surgery
  • The patient’s mental health
  • The patient’s medical history and diseases, if any
    If the patient has allergies
  • Medicines used by the patient
  • The patient’s use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, if any

The patient candidate should quit smoking, alcohol and blood thinners such as aspirin before the operation.

Before breast augmentation surgery, the prospective patient discusses with the surgeon the size, feel and appearance of the breast after breast augmentation. After the examination, the surgeon will inform and advise the patient about different implants and surgical techniques.

As a result of the examination, our doctors decide whether the patient needs surgery after diagnosing these issues and, if necessary, what kind of operation will be performed.


Operational Information

At the first stage, the implant selection is made with the patient. These implants can be drop-shaped, round or with textured surfaces. Implant selection is made according to the patients needs and expectations. After the selection of the implant, an incision can be made from 3 points for the operation:

  • Under the breast
  • Under the armpit
  • Around the lower border of the dark colored area on the nipple (areola)

At Soyep, we prefer to make incision around the areola in order to leave a much indistinct scar.

After the incision, it creates a pocket between the pectoral muscle (pectoral) and the breast tissue located just behind the breast tissue and places the implant in this pocket.

Silicone implants are placed in the chest in full. Saline implants are placed in the chest empty and then filled with sterile saline.

After the implants are placed, sutures are placed and the area is bandaged.

Breast augmentation surgery reduces sagging, but does not completely prevent it. Simultaneous breast lift (mastopexy) surgery is also recommended to prevent sagging.


After the operation, there is a slight pain and swelling. With the operation, a scar remains in the incision area. However, in 95% of successful operations, post-operative scars are either not noticed at all or are very difficult to notice.

Silicone implants are manufactured to be used for a lifetime. However, after 10 years, it is recommended to go to an annual doctor check, in case of leakage in the silicone implants.

Silicone implants do not “explode”, as is commonly believed. However, although very rarely, leakage may occur on the surface of the implant over time. This can lead to a decrease in the volume of silicone and therefore the volume of the breast.

As a result of the breast augmentation operation, there is no loss of sensation in the breast.

Operation Process Overview

Operation time 1-2 hours
Length of Stay in Hospital No hospitalization
Type of Anesthesia General
Recovery Time 10 day
Hospital Acıbadem International Hospital
Result Time 4 weeks
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