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The hair characteristics in the beard area are different, and the location of the root under the skin differs according to the scalp. Grafts are taken from the areas suitable for the hair structure of the area to be transplanted, using the thinnest punches and micromotor, including a single follicle. In the area where the beard and mustache will be planted, channels are opened in the appropriate direction, at the appropriate depth, at the appropriate width and at the appropriate frequency. After the follicles placed in the canals come out, they continue to produce hair and it is necessary to cut these hairs for a while. The follicle, which adapts to the region in later times, begins to produce hair close to the original hair. For men, beard and mustache are as important as hair in terms of appearance.

What are the Causes of beard or mustache Loss?

The most important factor in beard and mustache loss is genetics.

– Autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, male hormone, low testosterone can cause hair loss. Cosmetic products and drugs applied to regain hair are insufficient. Therefore, beard and mustache transplantation is the most appropriate solution to achieve permanent and tangible results.

Who Can Have a Beard and Mustache Transplant?

Beard and mustache transplantation can be done to anyone who has no beard and mustache, who thinks it is sparse, and who has ringworm-like gaps in the beard areas. It can also be transplanted in areas with scars.

How is the Operation Performed?

As in hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the nape area and transplanted to the area to be transplanted. At the end of 2 – 3 months, visible results are obtained. A natural appearance is obtained because the transplanted hair follicles gain the structure and appearance of the transplanted area in a short time.

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