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What are Aesthetic Filling – Dermal Fillers?

Aesthetic filling (Dermal fillers) is an aesthetic process that serves to reduce the wrinkles and lines formed on the face over time and to give volume and fullness to the skin.

Why are Dermal Fillers Applied?

With the progression of age, fat loss occurs under the skin. this brings muscle tissues and skin closer, makes facial lines more pronounced and causes wrinkles. At the same time, the skin loses volume over time. Exposure to sun rays, lifestyle and genetic factors are also effective in these results. With the filling method, the volume loss, wrinkles and lines on the face are reduced. With the filling, the cheek and cheekbones are made more pronounced. Lips also gain a more voluminous appearance with filler. Off-the-face filling is also applied to make breasts and hips more prominent.

Who are the Dermal Filler Candidates?

Individuals who are uncomfortable with facial lines and wrinkles and want to have more voluminous skin Individuals who want to have fuller and voluminous lips Individuals who want to have more pronounced cheekbones Women who want to have fuller breasts Women who want to have fuller buttocks Information: Filling process face and neck lift or forehead, it is a much simpler and more cost-effective process compared to operations such as temple stretching. However, it is not permanent like stretching processes. Fillings are permanent from a few months to several years according to the applied filler material, the skin structure of the patient and how he looks after his skin. Filling is an injection process. The filling material differs:

1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillings

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in connective tissues, some cartilage tissues and other tissues in the body. This type of filling reduces wrinkles and lines on the skin of injected patients. There are studies that show that the body also has a positive effect on the production of natural collagen. Therefore, the need for filling can decrease over time.

2. Synthetic Fillings

These types of fillings are fillings that are not naturally present in the body and produced synthetically in the laboratory environment. Therefore, it takes more to dissolve and disintegrate in the body, and its permanence is greater than in natural fillings. However, there is also a greater likelihood of side effects. We, as Soyep, do not use synthetic fillings.

3. Collagen Fillings

These fillings are also collagen fillings, which are usually produced synthetically.

4. Autologous Fat Fillings

These fillings are applied by injecting the fat cells taken by liposuction from donor areas of the patient’s own body (usually the abdomen, hip or thigh area) into the filling area of the patient after purification. This filling method is more difficult than other fillings because liposuction requires surgical method. However, it is usually more permanent than other filling methods. It can have persistence that will last for years. If the wrong filling is applied, asymmetry and bad image may occur on the face or body.

In case of incorrect filling, the use of the wrong filler can lead to bad reactions such as bruising, swelling and redness. For these reasons, although it may seem like an easy process, it should be done by experts.

In Soyep, the highest quality standard and known filling materials are preferred as filling material.

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